Wilderness Pro is a division of Pacific Fly Group.

Wilderness Pro manufactures and distributes quality outdoor and fishing garments to retailers throughout the U.S.A.

All listed products are new and first-quality. Wilderness Pro has created this website with the specific purpose to sell only its closeout items to the general public.

Please contact us to find the closest dealer/retailer near you that is carrying the full-line of Wilderness Pro and Pacific Fly Group products.

We look forward to providing you with excellent products at an affordable price.

Thanks for your support.

Sincerely, Wilderness Pro

You can also find Pacific Fly Group online at: www.pacificfly.com

Please feel free to contact us by email:


Shipping and Tax Information: A flat rate handling fee of $5.00 will be applied to each order. Customers may select to have their purchased items shipped by ground (5-7 business days) or air (3-5 business days) after orders have been processed. Items shipped by ground are charged a flat rate of $7.00 per order and $1.00 per pound. Items shipped by air are charged $25.00 per pound. Standard California tax rates apply to purchases.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies: The products sold on this website are closeout items. They are new and first-quality. However, items are sold "as is". There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges.

Please email us if you have any further questions.